Refreshment wrapped in: Orange

Have you ever left a tangerine in your gym bag for two days!….yep that dark room developed me the sweeeeeeetest tangerine ever, for someone who repeatedly has bad luck with citrus fruits-I take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about these yummies!

It was like a small test of summer stepping out of the steaming hot sauna to a tangerine ripened to ultimate perfection (no exaggeration haha).                 


-mannn I miss the summer :/

With love,
Me 🙂


Naughty Gal

ok, so Im gonna let you in on alittle secret. This secret is very stupid, so if you tell people they’ll think I’m some crazy chick… okay… here it is…You ready?


– I am a product junkie!..yesss the big PJ!!! lol not only with like hair stuff, but nail polish, scarfs, body stuff….home remedies.You name it. I’ve probably tried everything under the sun, most recent being Apple Cider Vinegar-YUCK!


I originally picked up a bottle of Braggs Organic ACV because of all the raving reviews I’ve see from people using it on their hair- and I must admit…I incorporated it into my last wash day ( with the straighten and trim) and my hair is literally theeeeee softest that I have ever found it to be without leaving the salon. Even three days later! I’d absolutely co-sign this product for hair rinse, does wonders! However, that’s not why I said YUCK earlier.


Last week right before Aunt Florina decided to visit I began to drink a teaspoon in of ACV in my tea. Here are the observations:


1. It was extremely disgusting and hardly maskable with even the Rawest of raw honey ( the paste kind)

2. The acidity gave me a case extreme heart burn ( which I never get)

3. It made a bunch of little itchy pimples pop up all over my face ( YES this is the problem)


Now me being the soldier that I am, tried to disregard the bumps on my face and blame them on Aunt Florina. I let my face clear up and then, even with the terribleness of #1 and #2, on Sunday I decided to politely have another cup of Diluted ACV with raw honey. Monday my entire body itched!!!! and those damn tiny bumps are back and  I woke up today with the same symptoms!! The good thing is my city is -8 degrees outside today so I don’t have to leave the house and expose my stupid rash. GRRRR!!



Dear ACV,

 I’m done with our drinking relationship! But my hair loves you, so in that case you may stay in the cupboard

With Love,

Me :/

Dont wait until the New Year

This time of year is notoriously known as a period of both reflection and new beginnings. I am no exception.  2013 has been very good to me in ways, and very humbling in others. After being layed off in the summer, I was given a chance to reflect and rediscover “self” . I have always been the very social outgoing type, but when finances restrict you, you really have no choice but to spend time with YOU. For this I am grateful. This past few months has opened so many doors of discovery that I had never knew existed.

First and foremost I have learned to trust God’s will and Promises, and along the way I have also learned

…. to be myself

…. to be creative

…. to take care of my health

….about my history

….about the food system and our environment

…. to be financially frugal

…. as well as ALOT about friendship and LOVE

With that being said I will be taking my new found knowledge (and vegetarianism) into the new year. I have been sketching out  3 big plans that I would like to achieve during this lifetime -God willing. So stay tuned for updates!!!

” Every new day is another chance to change your life”

– Unknown

With love,
Me 🙂

I love a challenge

Within the past three years I have been fortunate enough to have lost 50 lbs and so far have been lucky enough to KEEP it off ( the hard part). In my quest for a healthier lifestyle I have stumbled upon many small assurances that lead me in the right direction. Which brings me to vegetarianism, in my spare time I do a lot of volunteer work and this past September I  stumbled upon a chance to work in a community garden in the Northside of my city. While working in the hot sun I discovered an enormous part of myself that I have never really tapped into, and that is my love for the planet. I had the chance to taste freshly picked veggies and herbs that I would have never imagined in a million years picking up and eating straight from a garden, as a city raised kid we just didn’t do this type of thing. You’d more likely see us with a bag of Snyders chips and sandwich bagged penny candy, before seeing us eat a veggie. This experience not only satisfied my taste buds, but gave me a new appreciation for my world. The veggies were not only good but they had a taste of  “fresh” untaintedness that I absolutely fell in love with.

Shortly after this experience, my class was informed that we were to write two major papers for our final grade, one of the papers focus was to inform and one was to argue. Immediately I though to myself “What better topic to pick for a synthesis paper than …..vegetarianism”. Following my topic choice I began doing extensive research through journals, books, and website’s to really get down to the logistic behind this here vegetarianism. My findings were astounding to me (to say the least) to the point where I began living the vegetarian life and becoming interested in making the change for the long run. I made up my mind that I will still eat meat from time to time, making me a  flexitarian*, but with the way food and environment is I will not be interested frequently participating in the loose food regulations anymore. I am happy to say that it has been 2 months since I made the switch,and I am happier and feel healthier than ever.

* flexitarian: one who eats meat, but not frequent enough to consider it a part of their diet, it is said that 2 flexitarians in the world, has the same effect to our globe as having one full fledge vegetarian 🙂

When I bring this back to my faith, It strikes me that I personally have been enlightened so that I may take it further, in joining the army to help educate more of my community about the importance of a wholesome plant-based diet.

With Love,
Me 🙂

Harvesting the good 🙂

Yummmy yum! image