Refreshment wrapped in: Orange

Have you ever left a tangerine in your gym bag for two days!….yep that dark room developed me the sweeeeeeetest tangerine ever, for someone who repeatedly has bad luck with citrus fruits-I take back every negative thing I’ve ever said about these yummies!

It was like a small test of summer stepping out of the steaming hot sauna to a tangerine ripened to ultimate perfection (no exaggeration haha).                 


-mannn I miss the summer :/

With love,
Me 🙂


Ginger Ginger how i love thee!

Ginger Ginger how i love thee!

this past Friday night I came down with body aches,runny,nose,and a horrible cough. I remembered i had a piece of ginger root in my fridge and began to simmer it in boiling water for (green) tea w/lemon. After about 3 cups and alot of sleep i felt almost normal Sunday( no aches,minimal congestion and cough, and by Monday felt COMPLETELY better!-my newest truest cold/ flu remedy!