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i love Nature-Box Review

This past November I lucked up by stumbling upon a promo that was being ran by Nature Box on getting my first deluxe box for only 9.95 (originally 19.95) and what a deal it was!!!

When I  first got the box i was skeptical of the snacks, but then I tried them and loved them so much that I decided to keep my subscription open for another month. The second month getting  a whole different box full of tasty snacks. (the box shown below).




In my efforts to up my gym life I’ve recently signed up for a second gym membership so I decided to try to rethink my monthly spending budget.Now, although they were tasty and I really enjoyed them, my frugal self thought I should go’on ahead n give them the ‘X’ ( along with Hulu lol). So, after negotiating myself into cancelling I then called their customer service number. The guy who picked up the line was AWESOME!!!I must admit… I ALWAYS take notes on a great customer service experience, and just like I am doing in this case, will be happy to share it with as many people as possible,.

The Phone call

“Nature Box- Brian speaking how can I help I help you?”

Me: “Hi, I love Nature Box, But I am calling to cancel my subscription”

Brian: “Ok, I can help you with that, but before we go forth can you tell me exactly why you wish to cancel with us today?”

Me: ” Well, like I said…I love it but it just doesn’t fit in my budget right now 😦 “

Brian: “Ok, I can understand that. Well…we value you as a customer, so what if we offered you a promotional discount of $9.95 a month for the next three months and then, after the three months is up you can still continue to enjoy our services at a discounted monthly rate of $14,95 a month after that.

*inserts EASY PEASY button here*

ummmm yeah!!! I could NOT resist that!!! Not only do they offer 5 tasty snack packs in Vegan, Non-Gmo,Gluten-Free and Healthy options, but they also have extremely great customer service and a fully customizable snack menu ( so if you get snacks you do not like the first month or just want to try something new, you can choose totally new ones 🙂  I’d highly recommend them!!! 

sn: if you DO decide to subscribe, do so through my link so we both can get $10 off our boxes 😉 

or click here get $10 off your first box ( no scam,I promise I do NOT work for them!)—–> http://fbuy.me/wdZM

 Be Blessed

With Love,

Me 🙂





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