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Legalize the Truth: Black History

This Black History Month has been a very inspiring, encouraging, and self accepting one I must say. For starters, 2014 marks the ten year mark of my high school graduation. I’m sure this may be a factor in the extreme amount of self perspective that I have been gaining in recent times,  

      I’ve always thought of myself as “Down” or “Educated ” about my myself and my people. Until last semester I had the privilege of taking an African-American history class at Community College. Now, to be clear, I am not talking about the type of class that specialized in the dilution given to me in other “So-called” history courses. This was indeed a seasoned old man ,who wore a head full of gray hair and a walking stick to prove it. He had visited Africa, learned culture, worked through the 60’s and and had required no book for his class, because he just knows this information like the back of his hand ( I’m so sure because I was very skeptic at first, yep, one of those annoying ones a who would go home and do research on the things he would tell us just to make sure I wasn’t being misinformed by a crazy old man-no pun;). 

      Halfway through the course he introduced to us a movie called  ” Goodbye Uncle Tom”. I get tears just thinking about the impact this movie had on my soul. All I  had known about slavery was from movies like roots and the award winning 12 Years a Slave, Which were very good movies, but the scale of Goodbye Uncle Tom was RAW. It documented the horrificness of the slave trade to such great detail that you would have to see it to believe it. After watching this and internalizing the fact that I really knew NOTHING about myself or my history I began to take it on as a subject of interest. A little afterward I was introduced to a documentary titled ” Hidden Colors” by a friend. This was a detailed chronological documentary recognizing the undermining of the many great achievements of blacks from early years to present. Many of these contributions lended not only to the shaping of America and its present culture, but the entire world around us.


      There is a story to be told…in fact many of them. So in these past few months I have been trying to wrap my mind It has been gone to great lengths to intentionally withhold history from a people who have been stripped completely of their culture as a whole. I have many white friends who confidently know their history to the point where they can run it down as if it were an elevator speech, years and all. So now my question is, why?…and how? Do we >> EVERYONE<< make this world a better place for the future of humanity .



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