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Goodmorning message hits home


Morning all!  I goto church by myself all the time. I started going while bartending and drinking long hours into the night,but made sure to get up and goto church Sunday mornings-tired and all,I felt like I needed him most at this time for my spiritual covering in the nightlife. Going back to the church I grew up in was intimidating at first because I havent been there in so long and knowing that i was one of few women my age to actually attend regularly. So it was a bit discouraging. However, I kept in my mind that I wouldn’t let those feelings keep me away from Gods house and the Word. Now 2 years later my church family is growing I know a lot of the older folks as well as the babies ☺, I’m telling this story only because it hits home and maybe there’s aomeone out there that may allow fear of not fitting in or being judged keep them from going to church -heres some motivation!


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